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Intro posts are the Universe’s way of asking, “are you sure you want to do this?”  If you can get through the first post the rest, well it might not be cake, but the ice has been broken and we can finally get underway.  At least this is how I feel about writing the first of anything: first paragraph of a paper, bio for a new group, the first post of a blog.

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling in my life.  Until I was 15 my dad was an officer in the US Navy.  Like most military brats, I moved when my dad’s tour of duty was over. On average, we moved every 2 years.  Some places we lived longer than other.  The shortest time living somewhere was 10 months in Alabama and the longest being nearly 5 years in Hawai’i.  When my dad retired my family moved back to St. Louis, which is where my folks are originally from.  After graduating from college, I stayed in St. Louis as well.  At least that’s where my mailing address is.

This is going to be a place to put my accounts of either living or visiting a place.  Some details have been lost to the passage of time and some places will be from the perspective of a child.  Not everything will be looking so far in the past.  I have several trips planned for this summer, including my first trip out of the country.  I also do a bit of traveling of traveling for my job.

So what does the picture have to do with anything?  That is the squadron patch for the “Screaming Eagles,” which was my dad’s last flight squadron .  There are many other patches that were on my dad’s flight jacket over the years but this is the one I remember the most clearly.  My father often wears a medallion that was based off of that patch.


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