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Oh, hello

I realized this evening that I’ve been rather remiss talking about my birthday trip, my trip to Michigan, either of my 2 trips to Chicago or even the “drive by” trip to Columbia.  I’m not going to try to cover that much ground all at once.  The trip to D.C. was fantastic.  The primary point of the trip was to see one of my oldest and best friends and his family, which I got to do.  I also got to spend time with friends of their’s, who at this point is almost tradition I see at this point.  (Apparently, I only need to do something 3 times in a row over a course of 5 years to make it a tradition.  Now if I could get my meditation practice to stick like that.)

One evening we went to Artomatic, which is a free art festival that’s held in things like empty office buildings, laundry mat2012_0521DC-BdayTrip0081s, etc.  This one had 10 floors of exhibits.  I think we saw something on 3 of the floors.  One of the best parts, was the all-women percussion band that opened the art show.  The art itself was a mix of good and not so good, paintings and interactive art.  Afterwards, we went to a gay bar for karaoke and I have to admit it was kind of disappointing.  Everyone was singing things like “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables and were taking themselves far too seriously.

Shuttle Pic

While I swore I wasn’t going to go to the Air & Space Museum again, I knew that was a bit of a lie even when I posted it.  Although, we did go to the Udvar-Hazy Center, which has a large collection of planes, memorabilia and oh, the shuttle, Discovery. However, the main attraction for me was the National Aviation and Space Exploration Wall of Honor.  The Wall of Honor honors anyone with a passion for flight.  So many years ago, when the wall was brand new, I had my dad’s name engraved on it.  Neither he nor I had seen it so I wanted to make the trip to go and check the spelling.  😉

While I was there I also got the grand idea of going back to school.  That is a tale for another post.


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