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Dec 2009

I am heading to Washington, D.C. for my birthday!  I get to spend several days with that little cutie and her parents.  Whee!!  I am so excited!

There definitely will NOT be another trip to the Air & Space Museum.  I have seen it at least 3 times, although it might be 4.  I’ll have to check out what’s going on in case I need to entertain myself for a day.  I’m not too worried about it right now.  All that has been confirmed is that I’m going to D.C.  There rest will be figured out later.


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Destination Unknown

Me on my 30th birthday

My 33rd birthday is this year.  I’m dreading it.  I was fine with turning 30, in fact I threw myself a party at one of my favorite local restaurants.  I invited my family and friends to celebrate with me.  I remember how happy I was that evening.  30 was pretty damn great.  I’m not feeling that way about 33 at all. I commented to my mother about this and she said, “well it is one-third of 100.”  I suppose that means she thinks I’ll live to 100.  Or she was just showing of f her math skills.

I started thinking about how I could change that.  What is that I love to do that I could perhaps do on my birthday?  I realized the answer was simple.  I could go somewhere. Perhaps I could even manage to see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in one year.  Hell, it could be in one season.  This landlocked child of the sea, would love that.  Or I could make 2 trips to the Atlantic.  Or head to various destinations down south.  Or head north.  Or southwest.  Or northeast.  Or…actually I might be out of destinations at this point.

Obviously, this holds a lot of appeal. I have friends all over the country.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place to crash, the question will be where and can they accommodate me on the very specific weekend before my birthday? For while I want to travel for my birthday, I’d like to still celebrate with friends.

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Beach vacation on the Atlantic Ocean has been booked for this summer. A week of sleeping when I’m tired, eating when I’m hungry and flinging myself into the sea everyday.


St. Augustine, Florida. August 2009


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