Oh, hello

I realized this evening that I’ve been rather remiss talking about my birthday trip, my trip to Michigan, either of my 2 trips to Chicago or even the “drive by” trip to Columbia.  I’m not going to try to cover that much ground all at once.  The trip to D.C. was fantastic.  The primary point of the trip was to see one of my oldest and best friends and his family, which I got to do.  I also got to spend time with friends of their’s, who at this point is almost tradition I see at this point.  (Apparently, I only need to do something 3 times in a row over a course of 5 years to make it a tradition.  Now if I could get my meditation practice to stick like that.)

One evening we went to Artomatic, which is a free art festival that’s held in things like empty office buildings, laundry mat2012_0521DC-BdayTrip0081s, etc.  This one had 10 floors of exhibits.  I think we saw something on 3 of the floors.  One of the best parts, was the all-women percussion band that opened the art show.  The art itself was a mix of good and not so good, paintings and interactive art.  Afterwards, we went to a gay bar for karaoke and I have to admit it was kind of disappointing.  Everyone was singing things like “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables and were taking themselves far too seriously.

Shuttle Pic

While I swore I wasn’t going to go to the Air & Space Museum again, I knew that was a bit of a lie even when I posted it.  Although, we did go to the Udvar-Hazy Center, which has a large collection of planes, memorabilia and oh, the shuttle, Discovery. However, the main attraction for me was the National Aviation and Space Exploration Wall of Honor.  The Wall of Honor honors anyone with a passion for flight.  So many years ago, when the wall was brand new, I had my dad’s name engraved on it.  Neither he nor I had seen it so I wanted to make the trip to go and check the spelling.  😉

While I was there I also got the grand idea of going back to school.  That is a tale for another post.


Birthday destination


Dec 2009

I am heading to Washington, D.C. for my birthday!  I get to spend several days with that little cutie and her parents.  Whee!!  I am so excited!

There definitely will NOT be another trip to the Air & Space Museum.  I have seen it at least 3 times, although it might be 4.  I’ll have to check out what’s going on in case I need to entertain myself for a day.  I’m not too worried about it right now.  All that has been confirmed is that I’m going to D.C.  There rest will be figured out later.

Destination Unknown

Me on my 30th birthday

My 33rd birthday is this year.  I’m dreading it.  I was fine with turning 30, in fact I threw myself a party at one of my favorite local restaurants.  I invited my family and friends to celebrate with me.  I remember how happy I was that evening.  30 was pretty damn great.  I’m not feeling that way about 33 at all. I commented to my mother about this and she said, “well it is one-third of 100.”  I suppose that means she thinks I’ll live to 100.  Or she was just showing of f her math skills.

I started thinking about how I could change that.  What is that I love to do that I could perhaps do on my birthday?  I realized the answer was simple.  I could go somewhere. Perhaps I could even manage to see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in one year.  Hell, it could be in one season.  This landlocked child of the sea, would love that.  Or I could make 2 trips to the Atlantic.  Or head to various destinations down south.  Or head north.  Or southwest.  Or northeast.  Or…actually I might be out of destinations at this point.

Obviously, this holds a lot of appeal. I have friends all over the country.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a place to crash, the question will be where and can they accommodate me on the very specific weekend before my birthday? For while I want to travel for my birthday, I’d like to still celebrate with friends.

Beach vacation on the Atlantic Ocean has been booked for this summer. A week of sleeping when I’m tired, eating when I’m hungry and flinging myself into the sea everyday.


St. Augustine, Florida. August 2009


Social media break

Near the beginning of the month I decided to take a social media hiatus. Originally, I was going to go cold turkey. I realized that wouldn’t actually work for me. So I just checked my Facebook and Twitter accounts once a day. What I discovered is that I didn’t really miss it. When I’d check once a day, I’d skim over most of my news feed. I’d glance at the pictures folks post and leave the occasional comment. Would I have missed anything really important if I gave it up? Nope.

I did notice that the times I wanted to check these things was when I was waiting for something. My turn at the doctor, on hold at work and when avoiding doing other things. Why meditate when I can check Facebook?

I’m sure that the extra time and energy I’ve found don’t have everything to do with not being on Facebook and Twitter but it helps. However, I’ve done more reading in the last couple of weeks than I have in ages. I wrote an actual letter to someone. I’ve reconnected with friends I haven’t talked to in months. (I’ve still got several to catch up with.)

So if you missed on one of these mediums, now you know why.

Post script: I’ve now seen the new Facebook layout. They are making it easier and easier to give them up completely.

Is this the South?!

In July, I went to Delaware with some friends.  Alas, there are no pictures from the trip.  Well, there are a few pictures taken out the window at 70 mph on my cell phone.  We’re just going to pretend they don’t exist.

Delaware is a state I know little about.  I never lived there or in an adjoining state.  What I know of Delaware is that it was one of the original colonies, it’s on the East Cost and one of those small, little states that are a pain to label on the map.  I didn’t think much about the fact that Delaware was on the coast and thus had a lot of fresh seafood.   As one of my traveling companions was on a quest to eat crab cakes as often as possible, I must have missed the memo.  I was glad that I had developed a taste for seafood over the years or it would have been a lot of hamburgers that weekend.

What really surprised me was encountering the Southern accent.  A female server even asked “what would yous like to drink?”  Delaware was north of Virginia, which from my time in Alabama clearly meant that they were Northerners.  Yankees.  I was hearing “y’all” and being offered grits. My mental map was being redrawn.  I mentioned this my traveling companions and one of them-a librarian-told me that Delaware was south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Clearly, they were Southern.  Just as a point of clarity, I looked.  Delaware is not below the Mason-Dixon Line.  They were even on the side of the Union during The War Between States.  They are Yankees.

No, I really don’t think of the Civil War that way.  I just was so surprised by hearing a Southern accent in a place where I expected them to sound more like Bostonians or New Yorkers.  In a lot of ways, Delaware reminded me of Missouri.  Hot. Humid. Heat-index.  Next time, I think I’ll pass.

First Winery Trip

There have been few winery trips this year, in fact the first is next month.  This is the from the first trip me and the “darling” girls went on a couple of years ago.

Stone Hill Winery (c) 2009